Our Story

From the remote and unspoilt environment of the Pacific Islands we bring you Solomons Gold.

Tracing it’s history back to the Amazon, the Amelonado cacao flourishes in the perfect conditions of the exotic Solomon Islands. With it‘s nutrient rich soil and tropical climate, our cacao growers also produce the versatile Trinitario variety, producing cacao with the lively flavour and distinctive aroma unlike anything else.

As true chocolate lovers we are passionate about preserving the distinctive origin of our prized cacao and bringing you pure chocolate. We proudly oversee the entire chain of production; from hand picking and grading our cacao beans in the Solomon Islands, to handcrafting our pure artisan chocolate out of our bespoke New Zealand chocolate factory.

From bean to bar we guarantee that our chocolate is single origin and dairy free, nut free, gluten free, soy free, GMO free, refined sugar free , Vegan & Kosher.

'Our growers cacao plantations thrive in one of the most pure environments in the world. We believe that a happy plant in its most perfect environment will produce happy, perfect fruit. The fact that the Solomon Island people do not use fertiliser, due to natural mulching and ideal growing conditions, speaks for itself’.

Glenn Yeatman – Solomons Gold Chocolate Maker

Commodity Corporation Pty Ltd (C-Corp), owned by Managing Director Clive Carroll is the ‘mothership’ of the Solomons Gold brand.

Fundamental to our business practice is our commitment to the environment and the sustainability of our growers cacao production.

We are proud to oversee the entire cacao process from growing, grading and exporting quality cacao bean, and C-Corp is committed to supporting the local communities in the Solomons Islands.

The makers of Solomons Gold aspire to significantly contribute to the resurgence of cacao exports from the Solomon Islands.

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