Why Solomons Gold?

how we make chocolate

We handcraft our chocolate from bean to bar to guarantee the finest quality, consistency and taste.

Our passion is to produce chocolate using traditional techniques and minimal ingredients, respecting the way chocolate was made centuries ago. 

Quite simply, we are passionate about bringing you the purest chocolate and cacao nibs, just as nature intended.

The process

Cacao nibs are the key ingredient of chocolate. The roasted, crushed and winnowed beans are milled into cocoa liquor (also known as cocoa mass), which is then conched and refined with Organic coconut sap sugar to produce the untempered chocolate.

The ‘untempered’ chocolate is then tempered to get the cocoa butter in the chocolate to harden into a specific crystalline pattern - this gives the chocolate its ‘sheen and snap’.

The bold flavour of Solomons Gold takes us back to its origin in the Lower Amazon forest. The original Amelonado, and newly introduced Trinitario varieties, are organically-grown in the perfect Solomon Island climate.

In July 2014, our cacao nibs were tested by a local university in New Zealand  for antioxidant levels. The results were ‘outstanding’ - our cacao nibs were found to contain 220 umol FeSO4 equivalents gram of ground material. 

In layman’s terms - spinach has ‘27’ on the antioxidant activity scale, our cacao nibs have ‘222’ - our chocolate is made from 70% and 75% of these cacao nibs.


Experience a delicious and pure single origin chocolate that is dairy free, gluten free, nut free & soy free.

Bean to Bar. Allergen free. Vegan

Exceptional Chocolate

Our passion for quality cacao is unrivalled. We proudly oversee the entire supply chain of production from; hand selecting and grading our cacao beans in the Solomon Islands, to hand roasting and crafting our artisan chocolate out of our bespoke New Zealand chocolate factory .

As true chocolate lovers, we are passionate about preserving the unique Solomon Islands origin of our prized cacao and bringing you a bean to bar chocolate which is dairy free, gluten free, nut free, soy free, refined sugar free & vegan.

We do not use artificial flavours, additives or preservatives. We simply make delicious, pure chocolate from totally natural ingredients

Solomons Gold Logo

C-Corp Solomon Islands makes a meaningful contribution towards developing and increasing cacao productivity in the region. By helping the local people, who own the land, C-Corp is working towards improving nursery practices, correct crop control, general good plant and cacao bean management.

It is of upmost importance that we not only support the cacao industry, but strive to keep the cacao young and healthy for the benefit and future of the people of the Solomon Islands.



Peter Gordon
The Sugar Club

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"I’ve been cooking with Solomon’s Gold single-origin chocolate and cacao nibs at The Sugar Club since first tasting them early 2014. Both products have a real purity, with a unique flavour that I haven’t tasted before in other chocolate, and my kitchen team and I enjoy creating recipes which utilise them. I personally like the fact that it is a locally sourced gourmet chocolate of single origin that is benefitting our Pacific neighbours on the Solomon Islands."

Anne Butcher
Somerset Cottage

www.somersetcottage.co.nz >

It’s been interesting working with such a high quality product, and the impact it has had in the flavour of dishes that we’ve been making for 30 years or so. The chocolate flavour we get from cooking with Solomons Gold chocolate is different – more complex, slightly tangy, slightly citrusy, with a substantial back palate finish. Or in other words, simply better!